Xpedition Archery

Xpedition Archery has entered the crossbow market. With the rise in the number of states legalizing crossbows for early season hunts and the upswing in overall popularity, the executive team at Xpedition focused on the right time and the right products to enter this emerging segment of the market. Xpedition has long been known in the archery world for combining speed with a smooth feel. The Viking X series of crossbows continue to add to that reputation. The light trigger pull, and fluid power stroke combine for pinpoint accuracy when the shot counts. Xpedition’s goal was to produce several high-quality entries at the mid-price range. The Viking X-375 brings speed, accuracy, and lots of feature upgrades. All at a price point that will put this killer in that hands of any hunter.  To examine the Viking X series more, visit an Xpedition dealer or visit them online at www.xpeditionarchery.com.